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Linking Practice with Theory

The reality and the model


Are you sinking in data?  Not getting an adequate return for the effort needed to collect, maintain, and analyse the data?  Finding that interpretation is unclear?

These are common symptoms of the modern condition known as data mindstorms.  This must not be confused with data mining, which is a technique that tries to alleviate the symptoms, sometimes with good results

It all comes about because we summarise our knowledge as mental models, abstractions from reality, or figments of our imagination.  We are told that there is the magic number 7, plus or minus 2, as the most information that a human mind can hold at the one time.  So, we need our models to move from the situation that holds us at any instance otherwise we suffer information overload.


Hope comes from statistics, mathematics, operations research where there tools available to aid in the abstractions to create the models needed for decision making.


So, the picture shows a multifaceted reality, an abstraction into a simplified Normal Distribution, but is the model good enough to create the needed knowledge. 

This is where Stats Solutions can help.