Stats Solutions

Linking Practice with Theory

Specific expertise has been built up in the areas of :


 Statistical Consulting

 Statistical Methods in Large Databases

 Statistical Process Control

 Six Sigma Consulting and Training


 Simulation Modelling

 Model Building for Decision Support,

 Excel as a Knowledge Creation Tool

Areas of Expertise

Statistical Consulting


ANOVA, MANOVA, analysis of repeated measures designs, Principal Components Analysis, Factor Analysis, structural modelling using Lisrel, Times Series Analysis, Regression Analysis

univariate methods such as the decomposition models for trend and seasonality moving averages, exponential smoothing,

complex statistical models such as Box-Jenkins, Kalman filtering, regression analysis, multivariate causal modelling

This site is still under construction and more detail will be added in the course of time. For the moment a document is available for viewing, or contact Harry Gielewski.