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Linking Practice with Theory

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Analysis of a large amount of data by Geographic location, time of day, day of week, month, etc

Data based on surveys of transaction times, queue waiting and customer arrival profiles.  Analysis pointed toward improvements in performance.

The course is designed around the common tools of Statistics and OR—EDA, Regression, Forecasting, Simulation, Queueing Theory, Discriminant Analysis Decision Analysis.

Review of a Winery Planning Process based on a highly interlinked set of spreadsheets.  Aim was to simplify the process (using VBA) and document the process

Spreadsheet based scheduler of ground crews to arriving aircraft schedules.  Varying options allowed for different scenarios to be analysed and costed.

Internet Traffic Speed

Winery Whole of Business Model

RMIT—Performance Management Class

Airline—Customer Service

Airline—Resource Scheduling

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